Eingal Barringald


This dwarf’s form is draped in well-made and heavy robes decorated in dwarven runes. His dark auburn hair, peppered with white and gray, is pulled back into a tight ponytail against his scalp; the dwarf’s hair is thinning at the temples but is otherwise heavy and full. His beard is short and well-groomed. Intense green eyes stare at you, bright but aged, and if you didn’t know better you’d think those eyes had once gazed upon your long-dead ancestors.


Eingal is a romantic at heart. Kora, his bride, was taken from him in an attack by Darklands monsters. He keeps his wedding band with him at all times as a memento and reminder of his lost love. The dwarf has a bad habit of playing matchmaker, often at the most inappropriate times and, in most cases, between some of the most incompatible individuals; Eingal once attempted to arrange a romantic dinner between a tengu and a half orc waitress. The half-orc ate well that night, but complained to the dwarf the following morning that she had to slaughter the chicken herself and that her suitor had stood her up.

Background: Eignal was born and raised in Rostland, and is native to the mining community of Brunderton. The dwarf’s father was a merchant and former adventurer; the elder Barringald had seen many prosperous years traveling, but ultimately abandoned that life to start a family. Despite his change in profession, however, it would be a rival adventurer that finally sent him to Pharasma’s Boneyard.

Shortly after Eingal’s birth the dwarf’s mother was attacked and possessed by a malevolent ghost. The spirit, all that remained of the elder Barringald’s primary adventuring rival, used Kolgrym’s mother to overcome and kill the elder dwarf. Before the ghost could turn its knife upon the young mother, however, it was driven off by a human priest of Cayden Cailean. This timely intervention would prove only partially successful: due to the stresses on her body resulting from the possession, Eingal’s mother died shortly thereafter.

Eingal was taken to a local orphanage, run by the same priest that had forced the ghost from his mother’s body. As he grew, the young dwarf began to delve into historical and arcane mysteries, fascinated by the events and occurrences that had defined his father’s life and impacted his own at such a young age. As he grew this initial interest developed into a desire to formalize his arcane education; Eingal began pursing his studies with the intent of joining the Blue Warders, an order of dwarven historians and librarians based out of the Five Kings Mountains.

After several years Eingal traveled to Tar-Kazmukh to train under the Blue Warders directly. It was here that the young dwarf caught the eye of Kora Shouklderbreaker, a shieldmaiden that had spent her life in the Five Kings. Having made up her mind Kora moved quickly to secure her prize; she and Eingal were wed within the year. Tragedy followed soon after, however, when an incursion of monsters from the Darklands claimed the shieldmaiden’s life.

His heart broken, the idea of remaining in the Five Kings weighed heavily on Eingal’s mind; the dwarf’s dreams were plagued by visions of Kora’s death, the images vivid and violent. Abandoning his dream to join the Blue Warders Eingal returned to Brunderton. The dwarf initially returned to the orphanage in which he had grown up, now run by the aged son of the priest that had originally taken Eingal in. The human and dwarf had come to see each other as brothers, and it was the man’s suggestion that Eingal pursue adventure in the Stolen Land; the human’s years were waning, but the dwarf was still young for one of his race; the human could not remain quite when Eingal was wasting his youth by lounging around the community with no real direction. Taking this advice Eingal signed up to join an expedition to settle the region.

Eingal Barringald

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