Bokken is an eccentric human hermit living in the Greenbelt, a region within the Stolen Lands. Bokken is a fairly jittery individual, but is also a learned brewer of potions. By horseback his hut is four hours east of Oleg’s Trading Post.

Bokken is in need of a supply of fangberries, an ingredient he uses in the creation of his healing potions. He is willing to produce several healing droughts in exchange for the fruits.

  • Quest Status: Ongoing
  • Quest Reward: Potions of cure light wounds

Goods and services
Bokken is adept at the creation of magical potions and given enough time is capable of producing most standard potions upon request.

PC notes and observations
The weather is once again poor; I may be a dwarf, but even I beginning to long for the sun in this gods-forsaken place. We encountered an odd human by the name of Bokken. He lives alone, but seems to be friendly enough. He appreciates putrid cheeses. I will have to ask Svetlana to order a wheel of Twin Gallows; The Galtans produce some of the strongest cheeses I’ve encountered, though I often wonder if the result is intended or simply the byproduct of poor techniques in a land of constant revolution.

Bokken appears mad at first, though I wonder if he is simply in need of companionship. I believe he and Svetlana would make a wonderful couple, but the others feel Oleg would object. The hermit did take an interest in the elf’s cat, though. Perhaps, given time, that shared interest in the feline could be used to forge a stronger bond.

— Personal journal of Eingal Barringald, Fifth day of Pharast, 4712 AR


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