Brennivir Caelysse


Brennivir Caelysse stands about 5’ 10” and has a slender build. She has green eyes and long blonde hair. Though usually done in intricate braids, when let loose it cascades into a golden waterfall. Brennivir wears browns, greens and golds after the colors of the forest, and while sometimes roughspun, her clothes are beautifully cut and fit her well. Her face displays a calm serenity often associated with elves who have found the brightness. Brennivir’s companion Arielle is a young lion who prowls around her feet constantly.
Brennivir is usually calm and serene, but when trouble appears, she launches into a flurry of precise activity. Though a willing follower, she makes sure that her voice is heard when deciding on a course of action. Socially she is much like the cat she keeps – aloof, unconcerned with others wants, and drawn to naps in sunbeams. It takes some doing to draw her out, but the reward is a brilliant smile.


Brennivir grew up in a community of elves in the Grozni Forest. Her mother, Kelisla and the other elves took very good care of her. Her father, Irsei Caelysse, visited infrequently until Brennivir was 5, and then he joined them permanently. Brennivir was free to go wherever she wanted, and she had plenty of opportunities to study the skills and crafts that interested her. Mostly she was interested the creatures of the forest around her, and over time had hundreds of animal friends.
At about the age of 10, Brennivir realized that she was different from the other elves around her. Though patient and kind, she noted that she was treated differently, and occasionally she heard herself referred to as “half-blood”. Confronting her parents (both elves) she demanded to know why she was different and what her parentage was. At that moment she realized that the bedtime story her mother often told her about the wicked human king who kept a beautiful elf woman captive and her daring escape with the help of the handsome captain of the guard was in fact her own story.
Though she didn’t learn who her father was, Brennivir was satisfied, and then doubled her efforts at showing the elves around her what she was capable of. She was accepted to be trained by the druids in her community, but found after a few years that, it would take decades to learn what she wanted from the long-lived elves. With her parents’ permission, she sought the tutelage of another half-elf druid. His name was Jeff Kingsblood, and his wanderlust took Brennivir hundreds of miles in every direction. He taught her the ways of druids, and the ways of love.
Upon returning home, Brennivir found that her village was gone. During her absence, a conflict arose with woodcutters from New Stetven, and the elves had been driven off. Her parents were still living nearby awaiting Brennivir’s return, however after their reunion, her parents soon left for Kyonin. Brennivir and Ben parted ways, and she was truly on her own.

Brennivir Caelysse

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