Kald the Ulfen of House Medvyed

A young Ulfen lord of adopted into House Medvyed and determined to make a name and house for himself.


Kald is a tall, heavily muscled youth of 16 years. He keeps the long, blonde hair of his heritage and braids it into a single thick braid behind his head. He shows a certain coldness in his eyes that speak of the difficult childhood years he experienced before being brought to Brevoy, but is generally cheerful and welcoming among others. His loyalty to true friends is unwavering to the point of stupidity, but he is also keenly aware of when he is not liked or wanted and does not forget that either. Kald’s goal in life is to carve out a land and lordship for himself so that he may move his sister and his little nephew (he has no idea his sister is not his sister in truth and at this point likely wouldn’t care based on all she has done to keep him alive and raise him in the traditions of their people) to their own castle and treat them with honor as equals in this land of Brevoy rather than as bastards of the house Medvyed.


Lord Kald’s first memories are of a small tent nestled among many other tents in a mountain pass. There is memory of great, hairy elephants as well and the large painted men who ride them. He remembers one of these men giving him a wooden toy shaped like one of those mammoths before the man went away.

Shortly thereafter, Kald went away as well. He remembers crossing a great tundra with his sister who, though ten years his elder, was still quite young. The days after leaving the mammoth camp were filled with fear. His sister would sleep with a rusty sword by her side and they would always do their best to avoid any sort of village, camp, or group of travelers. He recalls the land itself seeming to twist and change over time and his sister telling him that no one could be trusted here because it was the Worldwound and full of demons. Every day when his legs ached too much from walking, she would pick him up and carry her on her back until neither could go any farther and they found a hidden place to sleep and eat stale bread taken from the camp they had left behind.

Finally, when Kald (who at that time his sister still called Kaldrbarn) thought the long days of fear and walking would never end, they crossed a big river and found a camp of shiny-armored men with swords and horses and bright-colored tents. He remembers being afraid when his sister walked them toward that camp, having been taught for so many days that camps and people were to be avoided, but she told him that these men were safe and that their long, hard journey was finally almost over. He rode on horseback then behind one of the shining knights to a great fortress city on the banks of a river where he and his sister were given a room in a castle tower and fed and clothed.

Days and then months passed, and it was here that Kaldrbarn became known simply as Kald. His sister, Sigrain, seemed to relax for the first time he could remember, and the knights that had escorted them to this great fortress city spent much time looking after them — especially a handsome, gallant looking man who called himself Lord Egren Medvyed. For several years Kald and Sigrain stayed in the city Egren called Nerosyan, in the kingdom of Mendev. When Sigrain reached the age of womanhood, Egren married her in the castle chapel. It seemed as if Kald would spend the rest of his childhood in the castle and one day go riding with the knights of the city to combat the demons of the Worldwound. Then, one day when Kald was seven and just starting to train with sword and horse and lance, Lord Egren returned from an expedition gravely wounded and without his sword arm.

The loss of his sword arm made Lord Egren useless to the armies of Nerosyan and so he took his wife, her brother, and his retainers with him east across Mendev to Egede and found passage back to his homeland of Brevoy. The small family returned to Egren’s family lands in the Gronzi Forest just outside of New Stetven where Kald found other boys his age and a true master-at-arms to train him. When Kald was 13, Lord Egren died of a strange fever that the house healers could do nothing about and Egren’s eldest son from a previous marriage assumed lordship of the house. Kald’s sister was pushed aside for this son’s wife and relegated to sitting in her widow’s tower and staring out the window like an old maid, though she was still only in her twenties. This event stuck in Kald’s memory as proof that though he was treated as a noble son, he and his sister were no more a part of the Medvyed family than one of the homeless brigands in New Stetven and that certain members of the family would as soon have them gone for good.

Kald is now sixteen, his sister Sigrain is twenty-six and has been largely stuck in her tower for three years. The call for heroes has gone out to conquer the southern lands and Kald sees in that an opportunity to create his own noble house and to bring his sister with him into a castle and lands owned by their own family, no longer under the thumb of Medvyed or anyone else.

(( Quick synopsis of the less detailed parts of Kald’s history :: Kald was born to Ulfen parents in Irissen under the Witch Queen. His father held descent from a noble family from before the invasion of Baba Yaga and ruled over a contingent of rebels in the land. He and most of his village (including women and children) were killed in a battle with frost giants loyal to the Witch Queen, but one of the young girls of the village (a thrall to the family) escaped with the unnamed baby Kald and his father’s signet ring ( because it might help her to prove a noble heritage and gain favor wherever she ended up ). How a ten year old girl and an unnamed newborn survived the flight from Irrisen to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a secret known only to the gods and to Sigrain. She named the babe Kaldrbarn (“cold child” in the Ulfen tongue) because he was always shivering and because he was fed on cold cows milk before he was old enough to eat solid food. Two years were spent in the Hillcrest camp in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, with an older tribesman taking pity on the two lost children. However, when that tribesman did not return from a battle Sigrain sensed that they were no longer welcome and set out east once more … traveling across the tundra and the southern borders of the Worldwound where the demons rarely trod. Crossing into Numeria they ran into lords looking for honor and glory in fighting the demons of the Worldwound from Mendev and spent several years in Nerosyan where Sigrain married Lord Egren Medvyed … and the rest does not need to be re-said ))

Current Living Members of Egren’s family :: (very minor noble house of the family Medvyed in the Gronzi Forest near New Stetven)

Lady Sigrain — Known to everyone, including Kald, as Kald’s noble sister of Ulfen heritage and wife to the late Lord Egren. Currently relegated to the Widow’s Tower.

Lord Percy — Lord Egren’s first son from a previous marriage and current lord of the family’s lands. A haughty and arrogant man with disdain for the ‘noble quest’ his father partook against the demons of the Worldwound (because it led to a long absence by his father … and resulted in a new wife returning to replace his dead mother). He would sooner have Sigrain and Kald gone, but it would not look good in the eyes of other nobles if he were to kick his father’s wife and her brother out. A man of 23 years.

Lady Margery — Lord Percy’s wife, from a minor family of House Lebeda. A pretty woman of approximately 17 years who has a taste for finery and prefers the markets of New Stetven to the Gronzi Forest.

Denton, Justar, and Mina — Lord Percy’s two brothers and one sister … Mina is 17 and looking to be wed soon – though there are not many suitors, Denton is 20 and wed to an Orlovsky. He spends much of his time hunting in the Gronzi Forest. Justar is nearly of an age with Kald … being 15 … and dreams of the glories of his father in fighting at the Worldwound.

Lord Percy and Lady Margery have a one year old son named Reygal.

Lord Egren and Sigrain had a son they named Svellrek (Sigrain insistent on an Ulfen name). Svellrek is five and is a favorite of Kald and treated kindly by Justar, but is disdained especially by Percy and somewhat by Denton and Mina.

Kald the Ulfen of House Medvyed

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